Floor 13

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox PSI Software Designers Organized Forces Politics

Secret service/director of intelligence bureaucratic sim!

I'm having a hard time saying what type of game this is: one thig is for sure, it has a sort of comic relief feel all throughout, but mechanically it boroughs elements from adventure games, from simulations, from strategies and some that just seem right for its own purposes, without necessarily being genre specific. At any rate, what you'll do is issue orders and be responsible for the 8 branches of your department” that includes surveillance management, assault, interrogation and other branches that just contribute to spying, making sure that the department is always finding the bad guys. At any rate, the game can be quite gloomy in its depiction of democratic free will and democracy management, but it never gets too rough. The game is thus a sort of protest, if you want to interpret it as such, though it basically can be played as sort of tactical adventure game. At any rate, if you find the premise if managing the security department of a whole country you should try it, or, alternatively go for another game that puts you in charge of security, this time of the president's security, Shadow President, which is still similar to this one but it has its own way of showing you how distorted our sense of reality really is!

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