Shiloh: Grant's Trial in The West

Strategy 1987 Dos SSI Historical

Fine but soulless wargame

This is another of SSI's particular brand of historical strategy sim that focuses on a very specific period or event, like Operation Market Garden, and while it is interesting enough for dedicated genre fans, it is far from perfect. The game attempts to re-enact the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War which saw the Union troops of General Ulysses S. Grant triumphing over the Confederates in what was to prove a decisive moment in the war. Players get the chance to relive the battle from the perspective of either side, with two scenarios available and which represent two of the most important parts of the whole affair. Gameplay plays out via an overhead view of a map screen, where you move your troops, represented by simple icons, issuing orders and carrying out attacks as you go. Things play out in very much the same fashion as any other of SSI's games, with the usual difficulty levels to choose from and a few customisable options and on the whole, this is up to their usual standards. The level of detail and strategy required are both fairly high and should please veterans of this type of game and while the graphics are never going to impress anyone, this is rarely important with such a game anyway. The interface is fairly decent and intuitive, with few of the problems which often plague similar games. The computer puts up a decent fight and should keep you challenged so if this is a historical period of interest to you, then the game should deliver the goods. However, it does all feel a little soulless and overly familiar with little to make it stand out. This niggle aside though, this is a fine wargame.

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