Medieval Lords

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox SSI Historical

A great strategy game, really broad

It is a historical strategy game which has a very extensive set of elements and gameplay because it spans over many region where you have to do your bit as a strategy maker and an advisor. The plot is set up in northern Africa, Middle East, and Europe where there are many empires with kings, caliphs and leaders. The plot is that you will play as an immortal advisor to those leaders in different scenarios and in different regions. All the regions have their own dynamics and problems in the form of economy, conquests and diseases. The best thing here is that you will get to play this role from different dynamics and with different set ups of different regions which adds a lot of replay value to it. The individual regions and their scenarios are also unique. You will first address the before you form alliances or conquer other regions. The level designs in the game have been good because of the good graphics that it has. The A1 is very tough and the interface is simple but attractive. Overall you have a lot to do in the game and this makes it quite interesting. Another game to play in this genre is Castles.

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