Wargame Construction Set 3

Strategy 1986 Dos Dosbox SSI Historical Military

A WWII themed hexbased wargaming building suite

With Wargame Construction Set 3 you can go on and create any kind of top down, hex based conflict. The level of detail that you can put into your maps, into the production, equipment, economic elements and other elements is quite high, so much so that in the end you can create a very precise kind of campaign. The game has all the assets that you might want, as well as math tools to aid you describe your units, as well as a few presets, so that you can start building as well. Scripting is not really developed, but the AI of the opponents can be manipulated in a relatively broad spectrum, so that you won't really miss it. Granted, you could create scenarios that pertain to some other conflicts, but WWII is where the meat is at in this one. Graphically and controls wise, this is a pretty unobtrusive and simple game, but don't get your hopes too high. This is a game production suite released in 86, so don't look for a lot of graphic bling or a lot of automation. But if you have a love for oldschool wargaming, this can be used to create whatever scenario you might want. Download also the Adventure Game Maker if adventure games and the like is what you want to dabble into.

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