Sons of Liberty

Strategy 1987 Dos Dosbox SSI Historical

Bunker Hill, Saratoga and Monmouth wargame

If you want to sink into three enthralling (from a wargamer's perspective, mind you, this is quite a bland experience for anyone else!) wargaming scenarios that pertain to the revolutionary war, than you can be sure that you will get exactly that in this well done SSi creation. As most other SSI games, it is fairly palatable, produced with reasonable attention to detail and always anal about historic accuracy, at least in the starting positions of armies and the overall architecture of the economic and political build of the world created. Being a game released in 88, it will offer you more graphical oomph than you'd otherwise expect, but a pretty dank set of controls for the interface. Naturally, if this is not your first SSI wargame, then it might not be so much of a problem sinking into its world, feeling at home with it, but for anyone else it is going to take quite a long time to learn. At any rate, play it in DosBox and enable your joystick (which can be emulated by your mouse o even connected to a game controller) and I will immediately be more playable and less of a struggle to control. And if the French revolution is what you were hoping to see captured, even with the graphical means of the late 80s, this game does more than a fair job of it. Alternatively download Battle of Antietam for an even older wargame that is still worth a look.

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