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Ho ho ho!

The original Sid Meier's Pirates is a rollicking slice of nautical fun and games which still stands up well today. But it's not surprising to find that the game has been remade for modern audiences just crying out for slicker visuals and a smoother interface. And fortunately, this remake actually does a fine job of bringing the concept into the modern age without alienating fans of the original. The essential concept remains very similar and sees you in the role of a would-be pirate who gets to explore the Caribbean doing all those things which pirates are famous for. You'll get your own ship, sail the high seas, engage in sword fights, maybe a spot of trading, raid villages, kidnap fair maidens and a whole host of other activities. The game is very much an open world experience and you're pretty much free to forge your own path in the world so you can play it straight and become a respectable merchant or you can live out all your childhood fantasies and just go around stealing and fighting. It's this variety which is at the core of the game's appeal and there really is an almost endless amount of activities to keep you entertained here. There's also a nice blend of action and strategy so whatever style of game you like, you'll find something to enjoy here. There's also a fair amount of depth, with the option to upgrade your ships and the various bits of tactical combat giving you plenty to think about. The visuals are quite lovely, with lots of bright, vibrant color and some lush environments to enjoy, making this a near perfect pirate experience.

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