Wildlife Park

Simulation 2003 Windows Deep Silver Trade or management Strategic scope Indie Strategy Casual

Let's all go to the zoo

Very similar to the likes of Zoo Tycoon, Wildlife Park is a distinctly average managerial sim that is decent enough for animal lovers but which is easily skipped by everyone else. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, it just lacks anything which really helps it to stand out and doesn't provide much that can't be seen better elsewhere. The gameplay is pretty much exactly what you'd expect and you're in charge of your own wildlife park so you have to look after just about everything there is. You've got to lay out the pens for the animals, make sure they're fed and watered, ensure the visitors can access all the sights easily enough and provide them with places to get food and drink so that they come back and spend more money. You've also got to keep the place well staffed and to make some extra cash you can even sell off baby animals that your own attractions give birth to. In addition to the main mode, there's also a mission option where you have specific goals to meet in order to progress. As mentioned, there's nothing much wrong with this and for a bit of wildlife-themed strategy fun, you could do worse. All the right elements are included and there's certainly plenty of variety and things to keep you on your toes. The mission mode adds a good extra option while the interface is simplicity itself so that looking after your park is a breeze. Visuals are simple but effective as is so often the way with these things but overall this is just a little too lacking in distinctiveness to make it more than a passing curiosity.

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