Pirates of the Caribbean

RPG 2003 Windows 1C Company Strategic scope Medieval

An RPG with ships; quite nice

Yep, this is quite a nice game, unless you were a toddler and you didn't really pay that much attention. Because, let's face it, you weren't going to be greeted by some masterpiece when dealing with Pirates of the Caribbean games. Instead, what you get, is a very playable but at times broken and most of the time uninspired action adventure RPG. You know what that means, especially for these relatively modern games; it means set pieces from the movie, it means poor (well, not that poor, but then again, never too detailed either) graphics and it means a total lack of surprises. Pirates of the Caribbean can at times be a little challenging, strategically, because there is a lot of ship steering, but nonetheless, it only takes so much to nail it. So, well, compared to yet another game of the same kind of production value, say, Sid Meier's Pirates! I'd say this one fares well, but not sufficiently to be playable or enticing to anyone but the most hardcore of lite (!) RPG with action portions. Oh, and of course, nautical battles and challenges!

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