Runaway 2: The Dream Of The Turtle

Adventure 2006 Windows Focus Home Interactive 3D action adventure Role playing Action Detective mystery

A tropical adventure game

This is a point and click adventure game release by Pendulo Studios.The story of the game is about a young couple (Brian Basco and Gina Timmins) that are separated by an unexpected plane crash in the middle of a jungle during a holiday trip to a place called Tiki Falls. The actual start of the game is a long animated intro that bring the two in the fly-boat whose pilot suddenly becomes unfit to steer it anymore, event that determines young Brian to throw Gina out the plane with a parachute. The player gains control over the character after the plane crashed into the woods.The graphics of this game is a mix of cartoonish and realistic type of game. The characters were drawn using simple colors with a slightly reduced amount of details, and simple shades. The background on the other hand has much more of a realistic touch with variations to artistic types of graphics. The perspective consists of fixed third person unlike other games such as Myst which has a first person perspective.The main character has the ability to pick and use objects from the virtual surroundings, that help him find the path to his sweetheart.The flow of the story depicts somewhat a movie being made of a lot of animated scenes that give contour to it, the only possibility you have is going along with it, restricted from making too many decisions.I like the dynamics of the gameplay, that for a point-and-click game is quite neat. What annoys me is the small decision freedom that on the other hand the Myst series has to offer.Overall, this game is a nice story to experience and if you get a copy of it you could give it a try.

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