Snowboard Racer

Sport 1999 Windows Midas Interactive Winter sports Arcade style

Thrilling winter sport action

As the name suggest, here is a snowboard racing game which involves speed, control accuracy and fun. Snowboard Racer really lets you indulge into the exciting racing world of snowboard racing has a lot to offer in terms of speed and the variety of options. There are three playing modes in the game all the modes have their distinct features. From any of the competitions in the game, you can run against the ghost racers along with other racers. It is not only about controlled racing because you can also perform a lot of acrobatics in the game which are supported by some solid well tuned graphics. Similarly the animations for all the action is smooth and well thought out. If you want to do some jumping tricks rather than racing, then the Big Jump is the competition that you should go for in the game. The downhill racing in the game and the acrobatic moves are supported by some very responsive and well calibrated controls which are not hard to master at all. Overall it is a really fun game and is actually addictive from the word go. For more thrilling sports action, try Skifree.

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