Blobby Volleyball

Sport 2000 Windows Summer sports Arcade style

Volleyball with gelatin blobs!

There isn't much to be said about this game, as it kind of wears its heart on its sleeve. You are a colorful gelatin blob and you love volleyball! So, as a volleyball sim, the game doesn't try to be too real life like, but, as a cute arcade title it manages to be pretty interesting and though simple, sufficiently challenging to keep you playing for a few matches. The best thing about the game is that it never gets boring, as the blobs movement is not that secure. In fact, part of the challenge is timing your ball striking with the bouncing of the blobs. You can play against 3 differently challenging opponents, each of which is more or less harder to play with than the other ones, and thus, depending on your skills you can play against a harder or less harder opponent. In either case, the game is fun, colorful and the controls are pretty spot on, making this an arcade that can be played over and over again without getting tired of it. Also, you can play against a human player which can also be quite fun, though of course, not everyone might be into bouncing blobs of gelatin in terms of what they do in their free time! Alternatively, if you find bouncing blobs fun, you should definitely try out Animated Bounce another game that has the bouncing blob fetish!

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