Ski Free

Sport 1991 Dos Microsoft Winter sports

Ski with no worry in the world... NOT!

How about a Microsoft classic that isn't even developed by Microsoft? Well, it's a big fish eat the little one world, so I guess it figures. Ski Free is a ski downslope simulation, but don't think simulation as a word meaning true to life, but rather, similar to, in a goofy way. Anyway, that is most of the game, slowly (and later on faster) slaloming your way trying to stay away from dangers and just enjoying the virtual snow, the nice slopes, the occasional ramp you can jump from. So you're all relaxed and Zen and feel good about yourself, think about your break coming to an end and all the work you haven't even began doing, you know, a regular day at the office, when HE appears! What, did I just see something? Something horrible chasing after me? Oh, maybe it is another skier, after all this is a public ski slope... yeah, you might begin to rationalize it, as you don't want to face the truth; because the truth, oh, the truth is so horrible and is coming to get you! Yap, the game packs in a neat little surprise in the form of a monster chasing you, time when the game becomes a survival, though ultimately inescapable death race. I guess that was the developers' way of dealing with the many players that got this game through shady BBS deals, hehe, the old days! Try Ski or Die if you love this very simple graphics game, Ski or Die increases the complexity just a little bit.

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