Sonic CD

Arcade 1993 Dos SEGA Platformer Side scrolling Item collection Action

Who's the hog?

This is one of the best Sonic games out there, rivaled only by Sonic the Hedgehog 2 but which is sadly overlooked by all but the most devoted of the spiky blue hedgehog's fans. Although it's quite similar to other entries in the classic franchise, this one just feels so right thanks to a near perfect blend of familiar elements and which combine to make this as thrilling as possible. This one finds Sonic and his girlfriend, Amy Rose, uncovering another of Robotnik's evil plans and which involves using the power of a captured planet to mess with the very fabric of time. He's also created an evil twin of Sonic who kidnaps Amy then scarpers, leaving Sonic to explore a strange new world in the hope of getting her back and putting an end to Robotnik's plans. What follows is a fairly familiar game which uses Sonic famous high speed running skills to craft a memorable adventure that is packed with special items, bad guys, boss fights and of course heaps of intense platforming action. One of the game's key elements is the time traveling mechanic, where you can visit past and future versions of a level and where your actions in the past will affect the level in the future. It's the inclusion of elements like this which help to make Sonic CD a great game and not just another rehash. The platforming parts are as well done as ever, with a perfect sense of speed and some cracking level design to enjoy. There are some great boss fights too, while the visuals are up to the series' usual high standards. Another cracking outing for the legendary hedgehog.

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