Arcade 1995 Dos Davilex Side scrolling Hop and bop Platformer Item collection

Enter the war prone cat; hilarity ensues!

Red cat is a simple platformer game, featuring a cat that is all war prone, with a skillet on her head (his head, maybe?!) and all down for mayhem and destruction! I guess the developers didn't necessarily aim for the humorous side of the game as much, or maybe they were indeed skilled enough to just do this portion right, but to me it feel that this game is a great battery recharging type deal, more or less involuntarily so! At any rate, the design of the levels is straightforward, and there isn't much diversity in the platform segments, nor is there much diversity in the amount of enemies you will be fighting down on your journey. At any rate, the animation of your cat, the simple yet colorful (but never too eye smelting, thankfully!) bricks and bobs that make up the levels will well dispose you, in a way that is very hard to find. Also, the game has that pure DOS feel to it, which is a combination of simplicity and nice vibes, that you can't really get as often today. It reminded me of the platformer series Duke Nukem, though sure, this is one much simpler and much less time consuming. Red Cat is the bees knees, for sure!

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