Soul Crystal

Adventure 1992 Dos Avantgardistic Arts Graphical IF

German adventure, storywise similar to Alice in Wonderland

Soul Crystal is a German adventure, a pretty well realized one, technically, that has the advantage of having both a great parser, as well as mouse driven controls for certain puzzles. The story revolves around you, the player, represented in game by a certain Dave, who had just went for a vacation in Scotland and now resides in this fancy hotel there. But, instead of enjoying your stay and getting ripped off by drinking form the mini-bar, what you get instead is sucked through a portal to another world. This second world, similar to The Longest Journey, is a fantasy world, though one in desperate need of your help. Graphically, Soul Crystal looks beautiful, with nice cut out static pictures to aid you in finding your way around and nice descriptions delivered text based style. Another good aspect of the game is delivered by the music, which, in this one is pretty excellent, and, even if after a while it gets repetitive, for a good while it does create a nice atmosphere for this adventure. Ty it if you'd like to travel to a fantasy world that is half decent, certainly not of the same caliber as in The Longest Journey, but relatively of a similar make.

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