Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Action 2006 Windows Aspyr Media 3D action adventure 3D Adventure Fantasy Rpg

An outstanding exotic adventure

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is an action-adventure game, released in 2006, and it's also a sequel to The Longest Journey. Funcom is a leading developer and its high reputation is based on the thrilling virtual worlds created by almost 300 talented employees from different nationalities. The critics described this game as the best one realised by Funcom. When I played this I was impressed by the exotic ambient, the advanced graphics and animations. I must say one thing bothered me: the dominance of the dialogues, and less action and dynamics. It was like watching a movie, instead of playing, but this is only my opinion, since I prefer adventures with lots of adrenaline and shooting. In the process of solving missions and travelling in various and different places in the world, you are able to control four characters (Brian Westhouse, Zoe, April and Kian). Unlike The Longest Journey, this game showcases the story, and you will focus less on the puzzles (they are quite simple now), and you will only enjoy a relaxing experience. If you are into adventure games with no threat at every corner, this is the perfect game for you. Also, those who had the chance to play the first part of the Journey and really enjoyed it, they will have a lot of surprises if they try this game, for sure. The main character, Zoe, a typical girl with typical problems, will definitely get close to your heart.

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