P-47 Thunderbolt: The Freedom Fighter

Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox Firebird Software Shooter

Fun but difficult sidescroller flight shooter

P-47 Thunderbolt: The Freedom Fighter offers a really mean and fast shooting arcade experience. The game is as arcade as they could ever get, but instead of allowing you to get used to a faster, meaner, more difficulty challenge, it gave you a mighty challenge from very early on, putting you through your paces from the very beginning. Thus, P-47 Thunderbolt: The Freedom Fighter is the kind of game that really knows what's up in terms of picking the difficulty level up! Graphically it's a very DOS looking game. It's clean enough, but because it moves so fast you barely have time to dodge the hell of bullets whirling your way, or to try any maneuvers other than just the occasional sweep from up to down. But, if you're in for a mean challenge, this one will definitely deliver, and it won't take it easy on you! Nope, try this one when you're done with a game of R Type and want something less spooky, but just as difficult! It sure knows how to put you through your paces, that is a sure thing!

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