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The balloon terminator!

Pang, also known as Buster Bros is an arcade shooter game, delivered in one screen sidescrolling levels, where balloons are the baddies! They come from the sky and threaten to take you down if you touch them, However, you have a gun too, a gun that you can use to destroy them; but here's the catch, each balloon, once hit will yield 2 smaller balloons, and so, on, until the smallest of the balloons have been spawned. These one hit disappear completely. These balloons also bounce around, which can be a threat, as they can hit you, so you have to move around left to right to avoid them, while also staying close enough so you can shoot them while in the air (you can only shoot vertically). But, simple as it may it, there's something rather compelling about the game, and you'll find yourself playing over and over again, getting more and more points. Graphically, Pang is an 8bit looking game, rather well done, colorful, for kids. Well worth having in your time waster collection, for these times when you need a quick fix.

All those balloons..

Imagine the game Asteroids but, instead of destroying asteroids, you are destroying balloons. Big, red and beautiful balloons. You shoot one balloon with your gun, it turns into two smaller ones, and you keep shooting and shooting until there are no balloons left. Be careful, though - you have to be quick and agile if you want to get them all. Sometimes there are just too much of them! This game is perfect for both youngsters and adults for fun. The game is very cute and nice looking, the little characters from the game almost look like Super Mario, all small and cute looking. The gameplay is very fun and addictive, and soon enough you will be playing so much that you will be seeing pierced balloons when you close your eyes. There are so many of them! In any case, this game is recommended to big kids, little kids and adults who feel like kids or who just want to play a simple game to pass time. Feel free to invite a friend over for even more, double enjoyment. Have fun with this classic casual game!

A classic arcade busting bobble

Pang is one of the all time greats, you travel around different parts of the world, meet different cultures (in the background) and pop balloons, which can get hilarious, and very exciting especially if you play it with someone in 2 players mode.

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