Space MAX

Simulation 1986 Dos Dosbox Starbyte Software Trade or management Strategic scope

A perfect space simulation

It is considered as a great space simulation which has given a very realistic feel to this category. The goal in the game is to build and manage a space station and all its dynamics that will make it a great commercial place. The first thing here is that all the options in the game will be used through a menu which is quite easy to understand and is interactive. So the first feature in the game is a very good UI. You will first build the space station by gathering in all the resources and the modules which requires personnel and the components for the infrastructure. You have limited resources in the form of money and time and you have to build a station which gives a good output. You are also provided with 4 different shuttles and they have their different operational and transportation costs. You also have to make the space station efficient enough to generate its own income and sustain on its own in the future. This will be done by creating consumer good at the station. The graphics in the game are good enough to give the game a realistic feel and the A1 is also good to make you tackle a large variety of aspects in the game. Other simulations like Conflict are also fun in this category but this game is one of my favorites.

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