Earth Orbit Stations

Simulation 1988 Dos Electronic Arts Space combat Design Tool Strategic scope

Space simulation involving strategy making and role playing

It is a very dynamic space simulation game which has a combination of some distinct plots. The role you have in the game is that of a space director whose mission is to build space colonies in space, carry out research on products and life in the universe and market different products. You are in competition with other directors who will be doing the same thing which means that the one who does it more effectively and successfully will win the game. You can choose from a variety of different missions which you will tackle with reference to every scenario and by employing an effective strategy. The goals involve both rescue operations and research. Chemical labs, communication labs, command life, solar collector and space structures are the different modules that you built in the course of action. It is only a brief presentation of the activities that you will be doing as there are many more in the gameplay. So the gameplay is pretty much diverse and the diversity has been presented by some very smooth and creative graphics. The controls are very collaborative and gives you a good grip on things and the level designs are no repetitive at all. Lightspeed is the other game which I played with this one and has fascinated me in the same manner.

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