Black Gold - Oil Imperium

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox reLINE Software Trade or management Tycoon style Strategic scope

Become a part of the oil industry

In Oil Imperium, you get smack in the middle of the oil business (like in Oil Tycoon). What is great about this game is that it's not dry and serious as most business games. It is a game and the developers know that the main premise is to have fun, the other things come afterwards. Before you start, you can set a goal to yourself and the game is over when that goal is completed, like a time limit of 3 years or achieving a certain amount of money. And the oil business is primarily about making money. The game is pretty realistic in the representation of the oiling industry and I like that you have so much to do, from the totally irrelevant like reading the newspaper to very important stuff like buying and selling oil or try to sabotage the competition (which is an evil and extremely fun thing to do!). The game is very dynamic and there is always something going on, so it will be a hard time getting out of that chair, because you will always go "just this thing" and "just that thing" :) The game's graphics have much to be desired, but we are talking about 1989 here. The graphics are as good as they get. So, if you like business sims in an old school package, go ahead and try the game out. It's a must. Have fun!

Be an oil emperor...

I played Oil Imperuim when it came out and i think it is the greatest game, fun to play i realy like it. Buy up land and put up a oil rigg in water or on land. Make much money and take over business and other thing, drill your own holes and take Red firehead to take out fire on your oil riggs and other fun stuff. See how your oil pumps in to your silos .... what more can i say about tha game.... if the game come out on pc i will buy it and play it like i did for about 20 years ago.

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