Spellforce 2: Gold edition

RPG 2007 Windows Nordic Games Real time Role playing Rpg strategy

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Old war game

Spellforce 2 reminds me of first game of Warcraft, or older Command and Conquer games. The game focuses more on unit and strategy than buildings and base. The main thing in game is base building and army creation, but as I said, it focuses on combat. The heroes have some nice abilities. As you play more and gain experience, you can customize your heroes and his companions. Although the combat does get repetitive, the game isn't became boring. You can also do quests. You must do some of them, but you also can get optional quests. Both of them have useful rewards. Some sais that the rewards are too useful, because later in game you will be able to defeat enemies with ease. A bad thing about Spellforce 2: Golden Edition is the resolution. The highest resolution you can choose is 1024x768. Even for an old game, it has nice concepts included. You can't have high expectations from this game's graphics, being an old game, so at this chapter, Spellforce 2 isn't one of the best. The audio system hits the same road: old game, old fashioned soundtrack and sound effects. Not a really good one. In conclusion, this game is the type of Warcraft, but it focuses more on combat and not on buildings.

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