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StarCraft with orcs and puny humans!

I managed to stumble upon some really cool news, rather recently (it's the end of 2013 as I'm writing this!) that have to do with Blizzard considering coming up with an addon for the original, oldschool, no. 1 in the rack, Warcraft! Yap for this game! So I guess the time for nostalgia has come, time to produce official content for a game that is soon to be 20 years old! But I guess it figures, as the original game, while truly not as popular as its futuristic counterpart, StarCraft, it nevertheless got a lot of attention back in the day. Gameplay wise it was a slower brew than StarCraft, but it had pretty much the same mechanical and build characteristics. You had to build a base and then try to figure out what was the best strategy to produce units to invade your enemy. That was a regular skirmish. The campaign however offered you a roaster of diverse missions, some of which were more action oriented, taking away the need to build anything, while others created some other issues for you, reducing the game to a puzzler. Try it out, as the game, mechanically and visually is still okay, sporting a 2D above the head camera and also mouse bound controls that can be easily mastered.

Making of a legend

Brought to us by Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of Diablo and Diablo II, here we have the famous and eponymous Warcraft, the father of the even more famous World of Warcraft. The Warcraft franchise is practically an empire and the most popular fantasy real time strategy game in history. This baby here is the original, the game where it all came from. Set in the high fantasy setting of Azerith, the game is centered on a war between the Humans (you) and the Orcs. What differentiates this game from tons of others is the insanely detailed and fun gameplay and by far the phenomenal art and design. The colors are extremely beautiful and the animation and graphics are extremely detailed. The game is really a sight to see. Without further stalling, I would be amazed if you haven't already played this masterpiece of a game and if you truly haven't, I suggest you go get it and play right this instant.

Control humans or orcs

Real time strategy fans, this game is for you. Warcraft will bring you in a middle age fantasy world where two races are fighting to stay alive. You can choose controlling the humans or the orcs. Build your little village using the resources you will discover, create different units defending the village from the opponent attacks and prepare to counterattack. The game is divided in different missions from easier to more difficult, definitely a worth playing Warcraft.

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