SpellForce: The Breath of Winter

RPG 2004 Windows JoWood Productions Strategic scope Strategy

Winter is coming...

The Breath of Winter is the first add-on for the original Spellforce game, The Order of Dawn, and which kicked off what is actually a pretty decent series of fantasy RPG/RTS games. This one expands nicely on the base game and gives you more of the same but with a new campaign and lots of other neat additions. This one builds on the lore by giving you a tale that revolves around an ancient dragon being awoken by a prince of darkness and who wants to bring chaos to the world once more. You know, the usual Warcraft-style stuff. In terms of gameplay this will be immediately familiar to anyone who's played the original as the essentials haven't really changed all that much. Most of the action is focused on RTS-style battles where you make use of a variety of units to fight your foes. This version includes some nice new units, new enemies to take on, lots of items to make use of, and perhaps most interestingly of all, new skirmish and co-op modes which bring things to another level altogether. The Breath of Winter is another fine entry in what was already starting out as a fine franchise. The basics haven't changed much but that's not a problem as everything is pretty well put together, with solid mechanics, interface, and other elements which mean your experience is always smooth. The campaign builds well on the background and proves quite interesting while the visuals remain very pleasing to the eye. The new elements are well thought-out and implemented so if you enjoyed the first game, this is a must have.

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