Star Trek: Borg

Adventure 1996 Windows Dosbox Simon & Schuster Interactive

We will assimilate you!

Star Trek fans should lap up this neat adventure based around one of the series' most enduring villains. It's a tad on the short side but actually proves that interactive movies don't have to be complete rubbish if a bit of imagination is used. This one finds you in the shoes of a Starfleet cadet who lost his father fighting against the Borg and soon finds himself facing them again when they launch another assault. However, thanks to the machinations of the mysterious Q, you get yourself sent back in time to the battle where your father died and get a chance to save him. What follows is an interactive movie-style experience which plays out entirely through the eyes of your character. Most of the interaction involves mouse clicking to solve puzzles or to chat with other characters in order to advance the story, or to highlight items to obtain back story or information about them. John de Lancie returns to voice Q, although he's the only actor of note to pop up here. For the most part, Borg isn't a bad little game. It isn't going to last you forever, as it is pretty short and should be finished off in a few hours, while there isn't a whole lot of replay value. However, for Trek fans, it does offer a unique perspective on their beloved universe and having the opportunity to explore it in this fashion is something few true fans will want to pass up. The visuals are decent, with some well shot sequences that nail the atmosphere perfectly, and while there isn't a huge amount to do here, it remains a fun experience (although perhaps only for true fans).

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