Star Trek: First Contact

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox Simon & Schuster Interactive Science Fiction

Text based in which you explore the eponymous movie premise

Prepare to be engulfed in an adventure that sees T. Kirk put in a very particular position, that of negotiating and making first contact with a new civilization. If you've seen the feature movie you'll know what to expect; what you hoped to happen doesn't happen, and what you think you see is not really what you're seeing. Yap, the early Star Trek series was all about exploring ideas that no one challenged in the epoque and it is also about how alien civilizations embodies certain human characteristics that one would find in people on Earth. Anyway, technically speaking, Star Trek: First Contact is a kind of game that plays mostly as a text based adventure, but there is a bit more to it than just reading and choosing your adventure. Nope, the game manages to include more subtle references to the movie and also to include puzzles that would not feel alien in a fully fledged graphical adventure. Also, the way the game is constructed you will get color coded text and different, hmm, let's call them windows, so that you'll know what sort of activity you're doing. You can even ask question to the computer, which adds to the immersion in the world, great for immersion. Really ambitions and also well delivered adventure game, the kind of experience you wouldn't expect from a text adventure. See some other Star Trek adventure as well, even the earliest ones are pretty well executed.

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