Broken Sword: Director's Cut

Adventure 1996 Windows Revolution Software Mystery Thriller Point and click Detective mystery

Still a great adventure

The Broken Sword series of point-and-click adventures stands as one of the true legends of the genre, alongside Monkey Island and Fate of Atlantis and the games remain first class experiences today. This is the Director's Cut of the original game and although purists might actually prefer that version, there are some interesting additions here which make this one worth checking out. The story remains the same as ever for the most part, with the classic narrative of hapless American George Stobbart and feisty journalist Nico getting caught up in a mysterious conspiracy remaining as enthralling as ever. The gameplay, for the unfamiliar, is classic point-and-click stuff, where you explore lots of lushly designed environments and solve inventory-based puzzles. This version has more places to visit as well as some new puzzles, while there's also an additional chapter which tells things from Nico's perspective, as well as some re-done animations. For the purists though, you also have the original untouched version to enjoy. Whichever one you play though, this remains a top notch adventure. George and Nico make for a great pair of heroes and the story is enchanting, witty and complex, and is guaranteed to keep you hooked to the end. The puzzles are fun and challenging, while the visuals are lovely, with some great cartoon-style environments and slick animation. If you are a fan of the original, you may not like some of the changes made here, but for most people, this is simply a great adventure.

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