The Pandora Directive

Adventure 1996 Windows Dosbox Access Software Multimedia novel Movie style Crime investigation Fpp Detective mystery

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It's never about just finding a guy

The Pandora Directive is the fourth in a series of games revolving around Tex Murphy, a down on the luck private investigaor that lives in post-apocalyptic San Francisco in the year of 2043. In this world, the society has divided into two classes - the Norms and the Mutants. Since the events from the game Under a Killing Moon, the relations between them has gotten for the better. Now, Tex is hired to find a guy named Malloy, but soon discovered that he is not the only one who is looking for him and he becomes very, very close to accidentally unraveling one of the biggest government conspiracy off all time. The game is played in a point and click manner, with little dialog boxes used to interact with characters, who are very varied, from deranged to deadly. The game features alternate endings and branching narratives. I love the characterization of the main character especially, since he is shallow, yet has a certain depth around him. The plot is very intriguing, the gameplay simple enough and the puzzles are very interesting. The graphics are very well and very appropriate for that time span in the gaming development history. This is truly a fine specimen from the franchise.

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