Star Wars Republic Commando

Action 2005 Windows Lucas Arts Movie style Tactical Fpp Shooter action

Star Wars done well

Star Wars has had plenty of licensed games over the years, but this one fortunately takes its cues from the likes of Dark Forces rather than some of the weaker efforts. It's a pretty slick first person shooter that adds in squad-based elements to largely decent effect and which should be played by any fan of the universe. This one takes place during the events of the Attack of the Clones movie and finds the player in command of a squad of clone commandos on the planet of Geonosis. Most of the game is similar to other first person shooters, but the addition here of the squad command options adds some interesting elements. Each of your four commandos has their own specialization, such as demolitions or hacking, so you can experiment with the handy system to issue orders so they help complete your missions. The game lacks any of the Force powers and Jedi stuff of other Star Wars games and simply concentrates on getting on with the blasting action, at which it excels. In most respects, this is a pretty exciting game. It's got an interesting storyline which is actually worth following, while the action comes at you fast and furious. Missions are involving and challenging, and making use of your teammates brings a new element to proceedings. Visuals and audio are generally top notch, with lots of slick effects and environments, although it doesn't always feel quite like the Star Wars universe. Other quibbles are minor, such as the lack of real difference between your various squad mates in their abilities, so overall this does the Star Wars name proud.

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