Star Wars Starfighter

Action 2001 Windows LucasArts Movie style Shooter Simulation Action simulation Sci fi

Enjoyable but shallow Star Wars shooter

Star Wars fans aren't exactly short of a few games to provide them with the chance of exploring their favourite universe, but the quality is unfortunately a bit wobbly as far as they go. While Starfighter might not be as deep or ultimately as satisfying as the TIE Fighter games, it remains an enjoyable if quite shallow slice of sci-fi action. The game is set during the events of the much maligned Phantom Menace movie and is basically an updated version of the Rogue Squadron series, with players engaging in a series of action-focused flying missions based around the Battle for Naboo. One interesting aspect of the game is the option to play as one of three characters and who each have their own take on the events that are unfolding around them and who also have access to different craft and weapons, each with their own characteristics. Apart from this, Starfighter is a very familiar looking 3D shooter which, while undeniably fun while it lasts, is also lacking much in the way of depth. The combat is hugely enjoyable, made all the more so by the beautiful visuals and excellent sound effects, which do a great job of bringing the Star Wars universe to life and with some gorgeous environments to explore and some truly cinematic moments to enjoy. However, there really isn't much in the way of challenge to the game, while it also suffers from the same cheesy dialogue and voice acting as the film, both of which impact severely on its long-term appeal. Starfighter is certainly well worth looking at if you just want an undemanding Star Wars-themed shooter but once that initial thrill has worn off, you are left with little more than a simple actioner that is lacking in substance.

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