Star Wars Battlefront II

Action 2005 Windows Disney Futuristic Movie style Shooter Fpp Sci fi

Fight in the Clone Wars

Although perhaps not quite as good as it should be, Battlefront II is a fine addition to the Star Wars universe and which follows nicely in the footsteps of Dark Forces and X-Wing. This one is a solid mix of on foot and in space shooting action which features a sound single player campaign but which really comes to life in multiplayer, so if you can grab some friends, then you're in for a good time. The single player story sees players joining Darth Vader's 501st legion, as they take to the stars during the intense battles of the Clone Wars and which will eventually give rise to the Empire. The game mixes things up between third person shooting, and some in-space sections and is generally a pretty exciting trip through the Clone Wars. The multiplayer is basically the same as the first Battlefront but adds in some new maps, including ones from Revenge of the Sith, while some of the series' most famous characters are also now added as playable characters. Multiplayer has also seen the addition of the ship-to-ship sections, where you get to pilot X-Wings and TIE Fighters against waves of enemy craft including capital ships and heavy cruisers. For a real Star Wars fans, Battlefront II is pure joy. It recreates the much loved universe in startling detail and it's hard not to get excited as you explore and blast your way through all those famous locations. The single player campaign however is a little lackluster but the game makes up for it with its cracking multiplayer so dig out some friends and enjoy the ride.

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