Star Wars 2

Action 1995 Dos Movie style

A fan made vertical shooter in the SW universe

This Korean Star Wars themed game doesn't really care that much about the political intricacies of the Star Wars universe; thus, you will see X and Y Wings fighting one another, you will see the Millennium Falcon in many variations fighting as well as the Calmari cruisers fighting for the same team, and other such inconsistencies. But, if you don't care about the original Star wars lore and just play for the fun of it, you will find that Star Wars II is truly an epic space fighter game. Granted, its epic nature is quite constricted: you have just two colors to play within, you have no more than a few levels to go about, and, after a while you find out that the game doesn't pick it up in terms of difficulty. However, even under those circumstances, you can't say that the game isn't fun. It's got a really nice, responsive set of controls, with your spacecraft nicely sweeping away, so as to suggest mass, and, also, you get quite a few different weapons on the way, which is great if you love to see your craft get more and more diverse and more powerful. So, overall, Star Wars II is really well done for a shooter in space, and I definitely recommend it. Play it if you like Star Wars, and download Star Wars: Dark Forces too, more of a racer, but also a game with shooting elements.

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