Strategy 1996 Windows Jeff Johnson and Jeff McBride Empire management

Truly an epic

Stars! is a highly underrated space strategy game which will make you lose hours, days, even weeks just playing it. It is actually the Civilization in space by terms of awesomness. You have been warned! :) The best part about the game is the seemingly simple interface and gameplay, which actually has layers upon layers of complexity, and still, everything is so simple and easy to reach. The game is super user friendly. The second highlight of the game is the option to invite up to 15 player to a multiplayer game if you choose to do so, and the more the players, more time you spend playing the game and more fun you end up having! The objective of the game is to conquer the universe through warfare. The enemies are smart, cunning and hard to fight against, so you have to be very good to be successful. The graphics are more than adequate, which will make your gameplaying even better. If you like strategy games and sci fi, make sure to play this game. Two thumbs way, way up!

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