Lords of Magic

Strategy 1997 Windows Sierra On-Line Empire management Fantasy Turn based Rpg

The same strategy thrills of HoMM

The TBS genre was in full tilt at the turn of the century and one of the greatest and yet not fully recognized franchises along with Heroes of Might and Magic was Lords of Magic. Quite why this later game didn't make the same splash as the renowned HoMM may have a few answers that have more to do with Sierra's and Ubisoft's marketing and advertising budgets, because, quite frankly, Lords of Magic is just as interesting if not more interesting than HoMM. The gameplay style is the classical turn based strategy of the HoMM fame. You have your hero and the map and you have to assign resources, fight monsters (which in Lords of Magic are more diverse and more interesting to play), build and do quests. The fights will take you into a different screen where you can assign commands to your party and try different strategies and different items. Lords of Magic will offer you the classic managerial of heroes, each with its skills and magic abilities as well as weaknesses. To succeed you have to balance your weaker points with the right pickings of your party and army as well as good timing and good strategies. The game is easy to learn if you've dabbled into turn based strategies before and still plays great today. I do recommend it.

Brilliant gameplay

Lords of Magic is a beautiful game with a brilliant gameplay. Based around the same gaming type as Heroes of Might and Magic, you take control of you choice of faith, ranging from the 4 magics, life and death as well as order and chaos. You then choose from the 3 typical classes (warrior, mage or thief) and traverse with your armies across the landscape capturing villages, mines and enemy castles. Unlike the popular HOMM though, you do not have an unlimited cap of troop choices and the battles are real-time, not turn based chess like fights .This game is truly for someone who is a great fan of Heroes of might and magic and is just looking for a deviation to bide time with. I myself have bought 3 copies of this game and it will always be something I will keep coming back to.

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