Starship Titanic

Adventure 1998 Windows Simon & Schuster Historical Point and click Casual Sci fi

Starship based adventure game that nods to the Titanic

You could look at Starship Titanic as a sort of nod or a sort of tongue in cheek comparison between the events that led to the sinking of the Titanic and this futuristic reimagining that the game proposes. However, no matter how versed or interested you are in what happened with the real Titanic, the game offers a multitude of gameplay options to stand its ground on its own without having to draw no parallels with our history. First and foremost the game is a space opera Sci Fi, fantasy, in which you explore the events after a critical failure of the eponymous starship vessel. This makes it furthermore interesting to look and to see what the game has on store, as the game ask of you to explore, mainly so as to collect missing pieces of your starship, the Titania, the onboard computer. With each new piece you find you get a little more information on the events, the spontaneous massive existence failure, that triggered the events of the game. So, if you like exploration adventures, point and click style and love a space opera setting, Starship Titanic will deliver without failure. Alternatively, you could try any of the Star Trek adventure games for a similar experience.

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