Dust: A Tale of the Wired West

Adventure 1995 Windows BMG Interactive First person Historical

A great adventure classic

Dust: A Tale of the Wired West is an ambitious adventure game, that implies a lot of puzzle-solving. The gameplay is very fun, full of variety, solid, whose story brings interesting characters. The action is set in a New Mexico town in the 1880s. You play as a mysterious stranger, that explores a desert town called Diamondback. Your will face various dangers here, like an Indian tribe, bounty hunters, murders. You will even deal with a lost treasure. The main aspect that offers this game a great image is the general atmosphere: you will feel just like a person in a Western Movie. There are a lot of dialogues during the gameplay, so you will have to catch up most of the time. The majority of your missions are done through conversations. Maybe some of you will be disturbed by this thing, but the dialogue enthusiasts will love this game more because of this element. The puzzles are captivating, and involve various tasks, that won't bore at all: finding clues, following conversations, avoiding conflicts, negotiating, and many more. Before my tastes turned to other genres, I was absorbed as a child by the cowboy/ Wild West movies. If you felt the same, Dust: A Tale of the Wired West will give that genuine feeling you dreamt of receiving by such genre.

Howdy, partner

Set in the Wild West, this game will probably attract boys like bee to honey. You play a lone cowboy that gets to town and goes on a western movie-like adventure with pretty ladies, troubled Indians, scams and murders. A perfect western atmosphere. Where the game wins in the story, characters and dialogue, it is at a loss at game difficulty and puzzle solving. The puzzles are not too hard and the gameplay overall might seem to easy. The game is in 3D, with live 3D actors going around time in real time. You can converse with any of them and you can talk for a while about a lot of interesting things, so don't be surprised if a big chunk of the game goes on talking to people. Although I'm not a fan of live actors in the game, the acting is pretty well done. When the good and bad are combined, we get a very atmospheric adventure game with interesting characters and good, albeit too easy gameplay. It definitely should be tried out, and if you're up for some more adventure games, check out Wrath of the Gods, for a little mythological experience.

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