AmerZone: The Explorer's Legacy

Adventure 1998 Windows Microids First person Movie style Point and click Fantasy Casual

A better, cleaner version of Amerzone

Amerzone is an exploration first person adventure, from the well known creator Benoit Sokal, known for the beautiful Syberia adventure series. In this game, released before Syberia was even in the making, you are trying to respond to the requests of the community of scientists that don't believe in some of the specimens and stories you, as a journalist have been spreading around, about glorious lands and weird creatures, all captured in this fantastic land called Amerzone. And, so, in order to once and for all make your name clean, you go on a trip to this location. The entire game is your moving form location to location, solving puzzles, in that great Sokal style of adventure. By that I mean that the environments start out as normal, not too extraordinary, but then weird and beautiful elements creep in, and soon enough they become the norm. But, as I said, ost of the game is about exploration and overcoming the problems that get in your way. The puzzles are thus, mostly, about finding a way to exist to the next portion, to the next screen. It's a beautiful traditional adventure, in the style of Myst but with lots more detail and much more logical puzzles. For adventure gamers, this is without a question a must play.

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