Tender Loving Care

Adult 1998 Windows Aftermath Media First person Movie style Role playing Adventure Simulation Sexual content Nudity Virtual life Casual

Avoid like the plague!

You can understand why game developers were fascinated by the possibilities of full motion video when they figured out just how cool it looked and what it might add to their products. However, while there are a few interesting examples of it, like Phantasmagoria and Myst, most of them were utter tripe and unfortunately Tender Loving Care falls into this latter category. It's a sort of adventure that revolves around a couple who have lost their child in a car accident, with the wife descending into a state where she can no longer tell the difference between reality and fantasy as a way of coping with the loss. When a nurse comes to live with them to help out however, things take an even darker twist as a result of her arrival. The game itself is split into chapters, where you basically watch a bunch of movie clips before answering a few questions and tests or carrying out some very limited exploration, but there are none of the puzzles or action sequences that you might expect from having played other such games. And it's here that this falls down so badly. There is literally almost nothing to do here that is even remotely interesting. All you really have to do is watch and occasionally interact but this is a very passive experience even by the standards of the genre. This might be forgivable if the story was interesting but it isn't really, and it's also difficult to see how your choices are supposed to affect matters, which also lessens the appeal. Throw in the dodgy acting and you're left with a complete dog of a game.

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