Strip Poker 2 Plus

Adult 1988 Dos Anco Software Strip Poker

Nudism poker originally designed for the Amstrad PC

What can I say, the need for nudes enriched poker games was as high in the 80s as it is today! The game features an ok poker simulation, relatively crudely portrayed however which feels natural and not too stoked on letting you win. The pixelated nudes were black and white in the Amstrad version, and quite well stylized. The DOS version adds some color to these static pictures for a not that great effect. I really enjoyed the proper black and white version, as the 16 color palette didn't really do justice to the original drawings. Other than that expect a game of poker that is quite ok represented, but will take a while to get used to, control wise. You can't use a mouse, so you'll have to learn the key strokes. How much you'll want to keep playing this one has to do with your taste in women, and the game has the host of models that seem very 80ish so that's that, it's your taste, your decision. However, if you like a bit more modern interface, a game such as Strip Poker Professional offers a better interaction model and actually photographed models rather than drawings. But again, lurking in the digital poker realm of our grandfathers can have its cool side as well!

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