Video Strip Poker 2

Adult 2004 Windows Torquemada Games Strip Poker

For dirty little grubbers only

If the standard game of poker, such as Stanford Wong Video Poker, isn't enough to keep you happy and you're looking for a bit of titillation to fill your lonely life, then Video Strip Poker 2 might just get your through those long nights. However, for everyone else, it's just a sad waste of time that doesn't even play a good game of poker. This is pretty much the same as every other strip poker game on the market, and shares similarities with everything from the venerable Samantha Fox Strip Poker to Strip Poker 3. There's the usual selection of supposedly tempting young ladies to play against, and a small variety of poker variations to try your skills at. The rules are pretty standard as is the gameplay, and it's the simple possibility of seeing these dodgy and rather grainy women losing their clothes that is the sole reason for the game's existence. There really is nothing new on offer here, other than the girls themselves so if you have played every other such game, you know exactly what to expect. Unfortunately, this is just as bad as the rest and really doesn't need to be played. The poker itself is mediocre, with the girls putting up a fairly stiff fight but given that most players are most eager to see them lose their clothes, the difficulty level isn't pitched too high. However, it's all a bit disappointing when the clothes do start to come off, as the girls are pretty rough looking specimens which are not improved by a lack of clothing. The graphics are low rent stuff as you'd expect, so unless you're a real little grubber, steer well clear.

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