Sub Command

Simulation 2001 Windows Electronic Arts Naval Military Strategy

Complex and challenging sub sim for experts

This detailed and exciting submarine sim is definitely one to check out for fans of military games and things likes 688I Hunter Killer. Players take control of a several hi-tech submarines and participate in two campaigns which see them taking part in missions like tracking and destroying enemy convoys, and targeting inland enemies, using all their skills of stealth and strategy. However, anyone looking for a casual, action-oriented sub game is best advised to steer clear of this one, as its emphasis on realism and detail means that it is not for everyone. As commander of your chosen vessel, you will be responsible for overseeing almost every element, from monitoring equipment to weapons and everything in between. The learning curve here is pretty steep, thanks to the level of detail present, so don't expect to simply pick up and play but be prepared to spend some time learning the complex array of options on display. The interface is obviously complex and will take some time to master, so be prepared to take some damage and be sunk a few times as you start to play. However, it is efficient enough once you get your head round things. Visually, Sub Command is occasionally impressive, but is of course restricted by the fact that most of the game takes place under water. More atmosphere is created by the sound, with music and effects that really heighten the drama of your missions, while voice acting is also generally good. Gameplay is often suitably exciting, with plenty of tension and some variety in the missions, so if you are are after a highly detailed submarine sim, then this is a good bet. If you are put off by micro-management, excessive amounts of realism and steep learning curves however, this is best avoided, with Silent Hunter or Aces of the Deep offering more accessible underwater-based experiences.

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