Lock On: Modern Air Combat

Simulation 2003 Windows 1C Company Flight Military Shooter

Bogie on my six!

For anyone who has exhausted the delights of the more hardcore flight simulators like Falcon 4.0 and is looking for more of the same but a little different, then Modern Air Combat is just what you're looking for/ It's a highly detailed and realistic combat sim that features all the usual elements and puts them together with skill and style. It can be seen as a continuation of the much-loved Flanker games, so if the thought of a new version of that gets your engine running, then grab this as soon as you can. There's an extensive two-sided campaign to play through here, where you can either choose to stop a Russian invasion of Ukraine, or help to push the assault forward. Before you start though, there's an extensive series of training missions to fly, and over the course of the campaign, there are six different planes to fly, including the MiG-29, F-15 and A-10. Outside of the campaign, you also have a wide range of one-off missions to fly, while the whole thing is presented well with a heavy emphasis on detail and authenticity. If you're a complete newcomer to the world of flight sims, then this might not be for you as it is pretty full-on and takes some perseverance to get into. If you're a genre veteran however, then this is a top notch experience. It's got all the detail you want, with a great variety of planes of fly, while both sides of the campaign are satisfying and thrilling. The visuals are spectacular and the amount of options and customization is impressive, making this an overall top notch game.

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