A Line in The Sand

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox SSI Board games Strategic scope Historical

Bland graphically, historically inaccurate

This game wanted to recreate the intricacies of the Gulf War, but it mostly used mechanical, political and economical ideas that would have been alright for a WWI setting wargame. Thus, from the start I need to say it: this is not for couch historians, it will only aggravate them. However, those that have played its cardboard version, this might be a nice addition to the collection, since it is relatively a faithful adaptation of that game. However, I have to assume that those are quite few in numbers, and, except for those, the offering of this title is a bit too inconsistent for a serious, dedicated wargamer. Sure enough, the additional mini campaigns, exploring other potential avenues of Gulf War potential moves can be interesting to look at, but even here you find yourself frustrated by the lacking mechanics of the game. Nope, download for instance the good, though not perfect Conflict: Korea, which is much better suited for what it attempts to do, create an alright accurate enough wargame, with adequate graphics and design of interactions.

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