Midway: The Battle that Doomed Japan

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox General Quarters Software Naval Strategic scope Historical

Turn based operations in the 7 days of Midway

Hardly ever strategy games are as focused or as interested in depicting the actual war specific realities of chain of command ordering, waiting for execution and then jumping right back for a new set of orders, as this game does. But, in order to achieve that level of specificity, the game had to be very specific about its scope. Thus, instead of offering you a dozen of scenarios and of different chains of events, this one offers you no more than a time frame of 7 days of action in the Midway front. Each day is in turn tweaked to a maximum of 12 rounds of commands, and so, you control the situation very carefully and very directly. You can play the US, invading Midway, or you can play the game from the side of the Japanese, defending against the super numeric attack. Graphically, the game is a combination of text based, ASCII and graphical statics that manage to paint a relatively good painting of where your actors are, and how the last round went. Sure, it's underwhelming, but definitely functional. And if you're not much in the mood for strategy, yet want to be a pilot flying to Midway, in a forward scrolling airplane shooter, download Battle for Midway - Midway Campaign.

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