Napoleon In Russia: Borodino 1812

Simulation 1987 Dos Krentek Software Strategic scope Historical

Taking the Russian front wargame

The Napoleonic pervasive invasion of Russia feels like it might not have been as fully explored by historians and might not have been endowed with the same level of enthusiasm. Not by this game though, this is a very detailed, oldschool, serious wargame, that details the 1812 take on Russia by Napoleon. The game works on the hexagonal tile system that wargamers will be familiar with, and the level at which you will be operation in the game is that of the contingent. Except that in this particular one, you don't have t necessarily play it in turn based, you can also play it in a sort of pseudo real time, which is expressed as a system by which you can order your troops to perform tasks, and they will perform them according to a schedule. It may be more interesting, as you need to plan ahead, but this approach feel less direct. So, I'd say, play it in true turn based fashion. The graphics are not too colorful, but the maps have enough identity elements to know where your units are, where your supply routes are and where the enemy is, basically all the important information. Yes, it could have used a color scheme that had a few more nuances in there, but then again, it works. Similarly themed, Sons of Liberty is also a game that focuses on this period of Napoleon's wars, so try that one as well.

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