Super Jeopardy!

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox GameTek Word or trivia Education

Same as always...but different!

Super Jeopardy! is the same trivia quiz game that we all know. However, different from other games of the same nature, it is an extended, gameplay wise, variation, with a larger scope and more details about it. And so, if you love, say, a vanilla Jeopardy game, this one will be even more enticing for you, as it sure has all the elements that you might be looking to uncover. At any rate, with a graphical theme that can be played in VGA or CGA (for those that love that really olden, barren look!) with a roaster of quiz questions that is large enough and a rule set that is slightly different than that on in a classic game, you will have uncovered a true gem of a game, one that is highly playable, a bit (too!) addictive and great for long plays. It's a mini 13 marathon in game, and a true hour long marathon in real life, which is always great to find in production s this old. Plus, as I said, the oldschool look really does it for this one, it works perfectly fine with it. So see it, it won't disappoint, that I can definitely guarantee!

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