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Win virtual money and learn trivia in this TV recreation!

The game of Jeopardy! is still a classic, all family TV kind of entertainment, in recent times produced in so many more flavors and focused on all sort of types of questions. There is celebrity Jeopardy!, pop question Jeopardy!, etc, etc!. But, when the heyday of the show began it was mostly about random participants and a questionnaire database that revolved around recent politics, pop culture and other such questions. Jeopardy!, the game, aims to recreate that feel of excitement that the TV show created, of course by putting you in the chair of the participant and thus allowing you to win. Sure, the virtual money can only be so much of an incentive, so, to cap that hole, the game offers you as an incentive the option of acquiring points and thus making it big in terms of your score. Jeopardy! is therefore the kind of game that will be a hit and miss with you, depending on your stance on such trivia question shows, but it sure can hook you up. As you'd imagine the questions can feel a bit dated at times, but entertaining none the less. So, if you like Jeopardy!, then try also You Don't Know Jack, a series just as exciting and more focused on pop culture questions.

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