Super Munchers

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox MECC Education Reflex oriented

Simple but beneficial edutainment title

As far as edutainment titles go, Carmen Sandiego, Headline Harry and Eagle Eye Mysteries are the usual go-to games for parents looking for something to teach the kids while they play. However, the Munchers series, which includes Number Munchers and Math Munchers Deluxe, are also worthy additions to the genre and which are well worth seeking out. Super Munchers is a sort of word trivia game which teaches kids about various subjects and expands their vocabulary. They take control of a Muncher and must make their way around a board, eating only the words which belong to the given category, with bizarre creatures known as Troggles also moving around the board and which may help or hinder the player depending on their colour and type. If the player proves successful enough and eats enough correct words, they transform into a Super Muncher and can take the fight to the Troggles, in a sort of Pac-man style twist. While undeniably simple, Super Munchers makes for an interesting diversion for younger gamers and is sure to prove beneficial if you are trying to get them to learn and use more complex words. The presentation, via the various colourfully drawn characters, is nicely done and is sure to prove attractive to the target audience. The gameplay itself is easy to pick up, thanks to its straightforward controls, but engaging and even challenging, and there is a good variety of words included here which will prove useful. If you're in the market for a charming and delightful edutainment title to keep the young ones quiet, then this is a sound bet.

An educational game centered on teaching an assortment of topics

Most edutainment games focus on teaching a single subject, either maths, or geography, a language, physics, etc. Super Munchers instead enlarges the pool of learning by including a host of questions encompassing the animal world, music concepts, geography, and other concepts which might not fall into a strict school like matter or curriculum. The atmosphere that the game creates is a very positive one, as the game, while simple in design hosts a frog like character. Your role as the player is to find the right answer to questions, and when you do so, the Muncher gets to eat a word. Once the Muncher has gathered enough correct words, he develops into the Super Muncher, now capable of defeating Troggles, his arch enemy! Within every three levels a super challenge appears, which is more of a puzzle than normal levels, advancing the story of the frog protagonist and giving your child (or you!) an extra reason to continue playing. A simple, delightful edutainment game great for children as well as for adults who want to have an adventure along with their little ones.

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