Super Mario 64

Arcade 1996 Nintendo Nintendo Hop and bop Item collection Action based

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A true classic

What can be said about the legendary Mario 64 that hasn't been said before? It was and still is one of the finest platformers around, and this even when it was Mario's first foray into three dimensions. It introduced or evolved many concepts that have been staples of the genre and if you have any interest in games like Rayman or Earthworm Jim, then this is a must play. Once again, Mario finds that Princess Peach has been kidnapped and her subjects imprisoned, so it's up to our hero to venture through a series of beautifully drawn 3D worlds doing what he does best. There's heaps of slick platforming fun to be had here, with enemies to jump on, collectibles to find and all sorts of other tricks that make Mario a legend. There are powerups aplenty, including the now famous Wing Cap, Metal Cap and Vanish Cap and which add immeasurably to the fun, while there are also all sorts of secrets to discover. This really is a game which has stood the test of time. The visuals remain as sharp and appealing as ever, with some beautifully designed characters and environments which just ooze personality. There's endless entertainment to be had from exploring this classic world, with delights at every turn, thanks to the clever and inventive level design and the sharp, fluid controls which make navigating a breeze. The puzzles are equally impressive and are rarely less than satisfying and enjoyable to solve and overall the package has barely a fault to be found within. Definitely a classic which needs to be played.

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