MotoGP 2

Racing 2003 Windows Microsoft Motorbike

First rate motorbike action

If four wheel racing is getting a little tame and uninteresting for you, then this excellent sequel to the motorcycle sim MotoGP should provide a neat spin on things for you, offering as it does plenty of two wheeled thrills. In most ways it's a pretty standard racer and presents players with the usual myriad options, including a broad selection of modes, lots of licensed riders and unlockable bikes, a handful of tracks and even the ability to develop your rider's attributes by performing well in certain modes. The six different game modes on offer here are the standard mix of single race, time trial, GP and the like, but perhaps the most intriguing is the stunt section where you rack up points for performing wheelies, burnouts and powerslides. It's a nice addition to the usual line-up and although most of your time is likely to be spent in the GP, it certainly makes for a great diversion when all you want to do is burn some rubber. The physics system implemented into the game is pretty decent too, with realistic handling and crashes as well as weather conditions which influence your driving and which really keep you on your toes. Visually, the game scores highly with some well detailed tracks and bikes to enjoy and with an excellent sense of speed that really brings home the visceral thrill of high speed bike racing. Sound is fairly standard with the usual engine noises and the like adding somewhat to the atmosphere, while the controls are tight and responsive. Your AI opponents put up a stiff challenge and overall this is a highly polished and slick racer that should be played by genre fans.

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